It is not enough to have a good mind, the main thing is to use it well - Rene Descartes

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Go Large Training Courses

Many of our clients opt for full training courses, these can be half day, full day or two day courses. We will tailor the course to your scheduling needs. Some of the training courses we specialise in include:

Mind Mapping and Speed Reading – learn to manage information and learning more easily, effectively and enjoyably. 1 day inspirational course.

The Brain and Leadership – as a leader the more you know about how the brain/mind works the better you can lead. This thought provoking half day workshop will show you what you need to know.

Accelerated Learning with Mind Mapping and Speed Reading – 2 day interactive course covering how to use a lot more of your brains potential, how to improve memory, recall and creativity, how to speed read and mind map effectively. You are then given an accelerated learning strategy which you can continue to develop and use throughout your career.

Tools for Success Goal Setting and Action Planning Workshop – very motivational and focused workshop to inspire you to aim for more and achieve more in your professional and personal life.

Unleash Your Creativity and Innovation – practical and inspirational 1 day workshop on how to greatly improve your creativity and innovation

Communicate with Confidence – 2 day powerful course for those who need to communicate confidently whether that’s in meetings, to teams or presentations. It goes far beyond the conventional as it uses techniques to accelerate your learning of how to communicate with confidence.

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