It is not enough to have a good mind, the main thing is to use it well - Rene Descartes

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90 Minute Training

Like to improve a specific area of performance? Leadership, Accelerated Learning, Communication skills? Just let us know what you'd like to improve and we'll show you how ... guaranteed!

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Go Large Training

What about a half day, full day or even two day training course for your organisation? What areas would you like to focus your training on? - The Brain and Leadership, Creativity and Innovation, Accelerated Learning?

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Global Client List

In the past 12 months Sean M Kelly has delivered courses to many global clients, to many cultures and in many countries. "Course far outmet my expectations. Only wish I had gone on it 30 years ago!" - Previous Course Participant

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Elisa Jensen Labiano - Senior Manager PwC Luxembourg on Sean's courses

Sean M Kelly’s lifelong dedication to the subject of the brain performance makes him a true expert. His courses are avant-garde and have become very popular with our clients in Luxembourg, UK and Dublin. He provides a step by step approach on how to manage all this information, all these people, and all these projects – and then makes us practice how to absorb it, retain it and recall it! A ‘must’ for any profession.